image by christine renney

I lead a mundane life and I’m okay with that.  In fact, I embrace it.  I have always managed to make enough money in order to provide for myself and give a little to charity.  If I have any ambition at all it is simply to be the quintessential ‘Everyman.’  But as I navigate my way through each day, head down and hardly speaking, I realise that I have failed. 

I voted to Remain and I read The Guardian, I read poetry, I write poetry, I haven’t read The Da Vinci Code, and I’m not on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. 

I didn’t watch ‘the game’ last night or ‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ or ‘Top Gear’ – I don’t play golf or ‘Call of Duty’ or ‘Grand Theft Auto’.  And I don’t think Katie Hopkins has ‘a point’ or that Boris Johnson is ‘doing his best’ and ‘will get it sorted.’  


  1. We all have our lives to live, and your ‘mundane’ may be someone else’s exciting. What’s most important is that we stay true to ourselves and not live how society wants us to, or by its standards of cool or exciting. Wishing you all the best!

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  2. We often, are, pressured, by the outside world to, fit our selves, too, tightly, inside, that box, called society, and, by, going along with the definitions of what we should be, we become, identical clones to, one another, losing our, individuality…

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  3. Yep, I’m pretty much with you here, Mark. I’ve already accepted that my small and insignificant contribution to ‘society’ will soon drift into distant memory before evaporating into the ether…but that’s OK. I would like to think that somewhere down the line I have brought little joy to someone else!

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