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I have an obsessive nature, this I know.  I latch on to whatever I am interested in at a particular moment in time and I won’t let go.  It may be just weeks but more often than not it is for months.  I have this thing lodged in my head and it dominates my every waking thought. 

At a glance my field of interest appears fairly narrow; I like books, films and music and that is pretty much it, but take any one of these three subjects and the possibilities are, of course, endless. 

I’ll pick something at random.  Let’s say I am obsessing about Italian crime films from the 1970s.  This will also incorporate the late 60s and the early 80s and of course the earlier influences and the films inspired by this.  But I am searching for a very particular type of style of film here.  And I know that my dogged enthusiasm will eventually run thin for those around me.  And when I say those around me, I mean Christine. 

I have to say that she is incredibly patient and understanding and does her very best not to discourage me.  And I do believe that Christine has seen some great Italian crime films because of me.  But she has also had to sit and endure hours and hours of cinematic trash because of a certain actor or cinematographer or composer.  Anyhow, you get the point.  Only, as the weeks turn to months will she begin to waver and she’ll something like ‘Can we watch something different tonight?  Something funny?’ 

And eventually I will find that this particular obsession has run its course and I have managed to get this subject out of my system – for now at least.  Inwardly, Christine heaves a sigh of relief but she knows it isn’t over, not yet.  And that twelve, maybe eighteen months, from now I will begin obsessing again about Italian crime films and I’ll say something like ‘There’s this whole sub-genre that we’ve missed and we need to delve deeper, we need to see more.’ 

2 thoughts on “OBSESSING

  1. Ha! I understand about obsessing. I do it too. So does my husband, although we don’t suffer one another’s obsessions. He has his attic hideaway and flower garden where he is devoted to YouTube and –you guessed it–flowers (and the lawn). I have the rest of the house where I obsess over film and pulp fiction and–sometimes–exercise. But we do come together, in the attic, over the NFL (U.S. football) and March madness (college basketball tournament).

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    1. Thank you Pam. Christine and I obsess about the same things, but I’m the one who suffers from the real tunnel vision and she helps to keep me a little more flexible.

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